Friday, August 20, 2010


1. 每天有一段独处的时光。

2. 相信自己是一个有潜力的人。

3. 把家人放在手心上。

4. 不要让细微争执伤害到宝贵的友谊。

5. 认真恋爱。

6. 常常想到自己的福气。

7. 得不到也是一种福气。

8. 失败的祝福。

9. 对规定了如指掌,才知道如何突破。

10. 赞美给人重要感。

11. 欣赏别人打开礼物的表情。

12. 不要批评别人。

13. 沉默有时是最好的回答。

14. 把压力当成新鲜有趣的探险。

15. 重要的事先做。

16. 态度积极,充满热忱。

17. 沟通无线宽频,一路顺畅到底。

18. 终身学习。

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Selfish Love

The only way to love anyone is to love them selfishly.

To love for looks is shallow;
To love for personality-even more so.

When asked why they love their girlfriends/boyfriends/friends, most people start listing a number of 'attributes' which they see in that person which make them very love-able. Normal responses look like:
'They are so caring'.
'They make me laugh'.
'They are so interesting to talk to'.

But I feel that this is a delusion. I have yet to meet a person who is, without break, interesting or caring or who makes me laugh anytime they want. So, technically, you love them not for THEM, but what they ARE. There is a great difference; the same difference that exists between 'loving' someone and 'admiring' someone.

Furthermore, as soon as any changes in personality or circumstances chance to take away/overshadow any of the great personal
ity gems of the person you 'love', it feels as if it's not the same person anymore. If a guy loves his girlfriend for her modesty, the normal reaction to any act of 'immodesty' on her part would be: 'You've changed'. And thus, the characteristics become THEM; define THEM; personify THEM. When you love a person for their characteristics, you fail to love the person themselves.

The only way to truly love someone is to love them for yourself; to love them because Love is a pleasure, a joy, a smile. Because Love is an ecstasy, and Love is a purpose. Because it is a conviction, and a duty. Because when you love them, you feel yourself giddy with happiness. Simply, this :).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

We're all told that two wrongs don't make a right, but in what instances is this philosophy implied.

In English a double negative (two wrongs) make a positive (right).

In Math, it's the same concept, two negative signs equal a positive sign.

Most Science is based off of math so technically some of the same rules apply here.

Physics states that for every action there is an equal, but OPPOSITE reaction, meaning that if someone wrongs you, you're supposed to equalize their wrong with a positive reaction.

So when do we use this rule? In our daily lives? That's funny. Most people live by the "eye for an eye" creed which is basically justifying negative behavior for a negative behavior in order to set things straight.

It's funny how when we're the ones on the receiving end of the second wrong, meaning we've already wronged someone and it's time for us to get ours, we spew "two wrongs don't make a right" in order to guilt trip the person into not retaliating.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Begins

Imagining how my first day on this world would have been, I watch myself with great amusement, as I open my tiny eyes, only to look at a few strangers smiling lovingly at me....Well, they're my mother, the doctor and the starts in a similar way for every gifted soul who is born in this world. Slowly, we tend to gain experience in all the tiny, but significant jobs that we do. Later, we find ourselves in institutions called 'Schools', where there are many like us, waiting readily to grab their bags and run out, once the bell rings. As we grow up, we realize the importance of our parents and teachers, and not to forget our friends. Soon, friends become the most integral part of our lives. Whatever we do, they are always with us, whether be it a prank or an award....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Engineered, but...

So, I am done with my engineering finally. I managed to get a distinction for my degree. But now, I ask myself this, was it all worth it? Have I achieved anything except may be graduating from not a bad university?

You know, now that I have graduated and am ready to make that transition into an office kind of an environment, I am kinda starting to understand the difference here. Why on earth do companies come and take fresh graduates like us? What is it that separates us from any other guy on the street? It’s the quality of education one would say! Naa… I think they expect something much more from us. And that "much more” thingy sadly is not taught inside universities. The Professor who teaches us inside the classroom just imparts his knowledge and goes away. But frankly is that of any use? Last 10 days of exams…Put in as much of stuff as you can in your squeaky little mouth and once you reach the exam hall and the bell sounds, just vomit or puke it out… This is the disappointing reality in our education system.

But sadly this reality doesn’t quite work in a private office environment. Here one has to have a know-how of various things. One has to practice what one has preached…But sadly no one has done that. All one has done so far is puked…puked out knowledge. The one’s responsible for this i.e. exams…they are gonna continue. I don’t think anybody will scrap that and may be it shouldn’t. But one could do with some kind of accountability. That yes I understand this. I don’t wanna puke if I know this! Eventually the onus is on us. How can we ourselves enhance our own skills and come out trumps! Perhaps the old man’s saying is applicable even today… Self Help is the best help one can do for himself. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emotions Are Not Friends

I get angry, I get sad, I get mad; but now I'm glad...
Am I lonely? Am I sad? Am I any word that can even exist?
I don't like this feeling, this roller coaster ride
This high for the day, low for a while.
This happy now, sad then!
These thoughts in my head about Where I am,
Where I want to be, Where I could be and Where I am going to be!

I think the deeper question to emotions is
Who are you?
Who am I you ask?
I would answer but I don't know
What defines my being in existence?
My looks? my talent? my gifts? my friends? my family?
What? Who?
You would like to know?
So would I....

I am looking deeper within searching for that truth!
That true me that lies within...Who? What? Where?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My whole life, I've always wanted to achieve more. Not really achieve more, but just move and continue moving. I can never really say that I've been in a place, physically, mentally, or spiritually and been satisfied there. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad. It's not that I wasn't or haven't been content, its just that I've always known that there is something more than what I have or where I am or was and I've wanted it. I guess that saying that the grass is always greener applied to me. I say all that to say this: for the first time in my life, I'm stuck. I don't want to move forward because I really don't want to let go of my past, and I'm afraid that if I move I'll lose all that I've earned and worked so hard for. But, have I already lost it and am I now just holding on to a memory? If that's the case, I need desperately to move and leave that thing that is holding me back.

Have you ever been here before? What did you do to leave or did you ever leave?